OWLeS: Ontario Winter (OW) Lake-effect Systems (LeS): Instrumentation
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KingAir WCR KingAirLidar

The University of Wyoming King Air (UWKA, left), with the Wyoming Cloud Radar (WCR, center) and Lidar (WCL, right) systems

OWLeS will utilize a total of three CSWR Doppler on Wheels (DOW) radar systems, i.e. two dual-polarization DOWs and one Rapid-Scan DOW.

The DOW team plans to deploy up to 10 "tornado" pods in each IOP, collecting T, RH and wind velocity.

The Mobile Integrated Profiling System (MIPS) includes a 915 MHz wind profiler, a CL51 ceilometer, a microwave profiling radiometer,
a vertically pointing X-band Doppler radar, Parsivel disdrometer, a hot plate precipitation gage, and an electric field mill.

The State University of New York at Albany will be installing two Micro Rain Radars on the west side of Lake Ontario for use during the OWLeS project.

The Millersville Atmospheric Research and Aerostat Facility (MARAF) will be utilizing tethered weather balloons and other instruments during the OWLeS project.

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